Why Greek Girls Are So Hot

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There’s something about Hellenic women that keep men coming back for more.

When it comes to Mediterranean prestige, Italy tends to get most of the attention. True, the fast cars, great clothes and fine cuisine are top-notch. But in the battle of the babes, there’s no denying that a Greek can’t be beat, from the bedroom to the dance floor—and everywhere in between.

And while no one can dispute the classic beauty—and often sheer hotness of an Italian woman—(shout-out to the iconic MILF, Sophia Loren), many of them seem to come up short when stacked up against their Greek counterparts.

Go ahead and accuse me of stereotyping all you want; truth be told, I’ve been around enough Greek blocks to know where the grass is greener bluer.

Here are just some of the reasons why Greek women rule!

They Got the Look

And by look, I mean that indescribable, je-ne-sais-quoi characteristic that’s as exotic as it is enticing.

The dark hair (when they don’t bleach it), olive skin, and piercing eyes all conspire to make for a very striking (read: original) look.


Maria Menounos is the poster child for Greek hotness!

They Got The Attitude

The only thing hotter than Athens in July is a Greek girl with a fiery personality. Greek men have always been known for their explosive temperament, but the women can be just as strong–verbally or otherwise.

There’s a way they walk into a room, a commanding presence, that can seem intimidating to other women, but can make men admire them for their confidence.

And all this attitude, as already discussed on this blog, is a VERY hot thing indeed!

They Know How to Party

It’s easy to get on a bar and shake your ass till the wee hours of the night when you’re 21. But it’s an entirely different (and attractive) story when you realize that age is just a number, and weekend fun knows no age limit.

Go to any Greek restaurant with live music (in Montreal, that place is Mythos) and you’re bound to see tons of 30+ women tearing up the dance floor and doing shots off the floor without a care in the world.

Italian women? Um, not so much.

And if a man knowing how to dance is a sign of his performance in bed, perhaps the same can be said for a Greek woman who knows her way around a bouzouki—hip gyrations and all!

So let’s propose a toast and give thanks to the Greek Gods for blessing us with so many Greek beauties. OPA!


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  • Jessica_Scharr

    Dedicated to my friend Helen xoxoxo

  • Lightning Linda

    Great article and I agree BOY do the Greeks know how to party..OPAAAAA But Italian women yes not so much thank god im Sicilian so it doesn’t apply to me :)

    • Jim Lappas

      Sicilian ,so Greek in your heritage!

  • Gee Kalo

    Now you’re talking ;)

  • Pat1

    Greek are full of themselves

    • eve

      tell me about it, im only half.

  • Lightning Linda

    dont be jealous pat1 :)

  • Mike

    Lol , this article is full of shit. Greek women look like ugly statues, they have cankles… And if you truly want to know how a Greek women looks like than just take a look at their mothers… Not very attractive at all!


      you’re a piece of shit and you probably have an asian size dick if you’re even that lucky…! how exactly do you look you piece of shit? like a white trash mthfucka? I wonder how your mother looks?!?!? shall we concur that she looks like a piece of shit also? who the eff you think you are talking this way of any woman regardless of culture? and then you have the audacity to bring up a greek mother? when you yourself also have a mother and I’m sure she’s not that attractive based on the notion that her not so well mannered son is a complete douchebag…maybe watch what you say loser cuz at the end of the day you would be nothing anyways without the greek world the language you speak to the buildings and democracy you see are just a few things the greeks were pioneering while your people were most definitely sleeping so seriously shut the fuck up malaka!

    • stothialomalaka

      You must be really insecure. .and have a small dick ..

  • Eve

    Don’t count on it Linda. I’m quite fond of my delicate German nose thank you very much.

  • Lightning Linda

    Wow people have serious issues on this wall clearly some have insecurities about their penis not mentioning any names but NAPASNAGAMITHEIS comes to mind..Mike all mothers are beautiful but looks like u dont like yours and eve not into german sorry..Seriously take a great article and pussies go destroy it ADE GAMISOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NaiKala

    Whoever wrote this never met any colombian women. Especially from Medellin. They are gods gift to men.

    • Mao Gomez Herrera

      Nooo.. Paisas.. Nooo.. They cry all the time..
      Muy berracas pues.. Nooo

    • Mao Gomez Herrera

      Nooo.. Paisas.. Nooo.. They cry all the time..
      Muy berracas pues.. Nooo

  • asdasd

    You forgot to mention something Hispanic and Italian women cannot do, and that is age gracefully. Greek women age very well, and have great health and looks when they are older.