I Lust New York

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If You Can F**k Here, You can F**k Anywhere!

New York City. It isn’t just a Mecca for commerce and the arts; it also happens to be the thriving epicenter for all things SEX.

Whether you’re looking for a casual fling, or are just desperate to get any kind of action, the Big Apple has got you covered. It’s uninhibited, it’s in-your-face and, much like your very first hand job, it can leave you with a gratifying memory that will last a lifetime.

But what makes the world’s greatest city the best dating pool to swim in as well?

I’ve always considered New York (and by New York I of course mean Manhattan) to be the dating equivalent of a baptism by fire. There’s no time to test the waters; you need to throw yourself in and hope for the best.

And make no mistake: Even though you may still strike out, the city’s vibrant energy and titillating nightlife will make it an epic journey nonetheless.

It’ All About Choices…

New York is one of the few urban centers that can offer up a hot and horny mix of everything from Wall Street tycoons to creative powerhouses—and maybe even a celebrity or two (if you’ve got the balls…and the clout).

After all, it makes for a much more interesting date when the person you’re with is the star of a Broadway show, or an agent for all of the top designers, rather than your run-of-the-mill accountant or graphic designer (nothing personal…it just is).

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…And the Numbers…

One of the most depressing things about hooking up with anyone in most other cities is that that person has probably already slammed someone you know (or slammed YOU 10 years back and you completely forgot).

And while NYC likely has its share of too-small social circles, the likelihood of unintentionally flirting with the guy who knocked up your roommate last year is much smaller.

…And the Prestige…

There’s a fine line that separates New York from other cities (much like the line that separates a genuine Rolex from the knockoffs on Canal street).

Just a few days in New York can make you feel hotter and more alive at a time when so many other places can make you feel cheap and dirty—in all the wrong ways.

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…Oh, and of course the city…

New York is a dater’s paradise. In fact, settling down should almost be outlawed there because people would miss out on the plethora of fun things to do that simply do not translate anywhere else.

Think about it: You could try out a new trendy restaurant every night of the week– with a different person in a different neighborhood each night!—or take a carriage ride through Central Park, or even walk hand in hand across the Brooklyn Bridge with the world’s most iconic skyline watching over you.

That’s the beauty of New York.

Because, as every single knows, in a New York minute anything can happen…and anyone can come.

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