The Bitchier, the Better?

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Why are chicks with bad attitudes so f*cking hot?

There’s something about a woman who looks like she wants to scratch your eyes out 24/7 that can be quite…what’s the word? Titillating!

The biggest bitch (and I say this with the highest regard) I ever dated also happened to be one of the hottest. And even though I didn’t know it at first, her sour puss—NOT her tight ass—would wind up being her best asset.

On our first outing, we had gone to Whisky Café, here in Montreal, which incidentally is the place every local couple goes to on their first date because, well, it’s the perfect place. There were two sets of doors to get into the joint, and in true gentlemen style, I opened the first door for her.

What happened next threw me for a loop: She walked in, and literally stood in front of the second set of doors—with her arms folded—and waited for me to open that one too.

My first thought was, “Who the fuck does she think is?” which was immediately followed by, “Christ, she’s sexy!”

I was amazed, almost disappointed by my reaction. Was I so blinded by her hotness that I was willing to ignore any and all warning signs of a personality from hell, or was I genuinely attracted to someone who wore her bitchiness on her sleeve?

Did I also mention that she was overly critical of everyone, disagreed with nearly everything I’d say, and was bossy in bed (which is saying a lot, considering she was a 2-Finger Girl at best)?

So if her meanness is an aphrodisiac, I guess the more important question is:

When did the turn-off become the turn-on?

I immediately thought of a friend of mine, who seemed to have a fetish for gorgeous women with serious attitude and an overly-inflated sense of themselves. I always thought he was blind, unable to get past the model looks and see what miserable, stuck-up princesses they were. But then I realized: Maybe my friend, and so many other guys like him, just want the whole package—a package that obviously includes the mean gene.

So what would possess guys to go after women with such foul personalities? I present to you three very probable theories:

Bitchy = Sexy

A girl with attitude is basically a confident girl. And confidence, by any definition, is a great trait to have. Some guys don’t like girls who are too passive, demure or inhibited (or polite for that matter). We like a feisty chick who’s unafraid to speak her mind and go toe-to-toe with us, be it conversations or confrontations.

Guys Love a Challenge

Males inherently want to be the dominant personality. So anytime he’s with an equally alpha-female who also happens to be rude, arrogant or overly-domineering, it becomes a battle of wits to see who could tame the other first.

We Have Serious Mental Issues

Maybe it’s the way we were raised. Maybe some of us lacked the dominant authority figure in our lives, or we get off on being treated poorly in some kinky, S&M mind fuck.

Or…maybe she’s just a bitch.

BUT WAIT! There’s a catch…

Just like an incredible sugar rush, the novelty of dating or sleeping with a bitch wears off fairly quickly. Translation: Bitchy girls almost-always finish last in the long-term relationship department (for those who are actually interested in long-term), unless the guy’s hopelessly desperate.

Something to think about the next time you reach for those second set of doors.


  • Lightning Linda

    Like the saying goes IT BETTER TO BE A BITCH :) you get more results :)