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The Top Five Guys Over 50 Who Make Getting Older a lot less scary

Don’t kid yourselves folks: Men are just as anxious as women are when it comes to aging. With every new wrinkle that creeps up, and every strand of hair that falls, a little piece of our libido—and our pride—gets chipped away.

Fortunately, we can once again look to Hollywood for support, and the guys who, at 50, can still get any girl (or guy) they want. And this also presents one of life’s biggest quandaries: Whether to idolize someone…or despise them with every bone in your jealous body.

Here are the Top Five Men every 30-something man wishes he could look like–even for one day.

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  • Lightning Linda

    Great article you nailed it :) they are HOT!!!!

    • Jessica_Scharr

      Agree. Love Rob Lowe!!!

  • Gee Kalo

    uncle JESSE… SIGH!!!! lol