He’s going to give it to you straight…uncensored and UNCUT!

Who is he?

  • He’s a vodka-loving, 30-something New Yorker who strives to be the ultimate know-all about the male/female dynamic (or male/male, female/female, for that matter).
  • He tries to give off a calm, suave exterior to help mask an obsessive curiosity,  one that loves dissecting relationships into a million pieces (incl. women’s behavior, male schtick, why  people make up or break up, and the ultimate fine line between so-so sex and a wall-slamming night of unbridled ecstasy).
  • You could say he’s a socialite, with a deep appreciation for the “3 F’s of Life“: Friends, Fashion and F*cking.
  • He loves to experiment and is a risk-taker.
  • He’s the voice for anyone who’s experienced the ecstasy of being single, the agony of being heartbroken, or the trials and tribulations of being in a relationship.
What gets him off?
  • The cat-and-mouse game that is dating.
  • The prowl of scoping out a bar, finding someone who catches his eye and using every trick he’s ever learned to try and score another phone number.

His views on dating

  • For him, it’s always about the sexual chemistry; he thrives on the adrenaline of meeting someone new…the flirtations…the innuendos…the mystery and suspense of not knowing where it will all lead.
  • In fact, you can find him out on a date just about any night of the week, yet he spent a better part of his adulthood with an inability to go past week three with any one person without feeling suffocated.

His views on relationships

  • He’s not opposed to a long-term relationship but knows the real advantages of being single, and refuses to settle for the sake of settling.
  • He’s prepared to defend the notion that a 40-something happy single guy is worth MORE than a not-so-happy married man.
  • His friends’ horror stories are proof that relationships are not what they’re cracked up to be, not to mention the unspoken war between married and singles.


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But can you handle the truth?