When will posers stop posing?

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The Three Annoying Strikes of Women Mugging for the camera

I think I missed an important memo, the one that said that in order for a girl to take a decent photo in public (while usually wearing next-to-nothing), she needs to follow the same, ridiculous pattern each and every time.

It used to be that a girl could be photographed (at a club, at school, wherever) any which way and that would be the end of it.

But things have become a lot more “scientific” in recent years, with (many) women now under the belief that there’s only one formula to follow if ever they find themselves in front of a camera lens. 

You can analyze these photos to death, but the annoying girl photo can, essentially, be broken down to the following three parts (or “strikes,” as I like to call them).

Individually, they’re passable (sort of). But when COMBINED, the result is a cookie-cutter stance that should be featured in the urban dictionary under the word “Wannabe.”

Strike One: The Pouty Lips

pouty lip pose

Notice I didn’t use the term “Duckface.” And for good reason. That’s because her lips don’t actually need to extend to exaggerated, Daffy-Duck-like levels to be nauseating.

Whatever happened to a simple grin, anyway?

Strike Two: The Head Tilt

head tilt pose

Who knew you could look hotter by shifting your head 45 degrees? Not me apparently

Strike Three: The Hand on the Waist

hand on waist pose

The Grand Daddy of all posing maneuvers! No photo op is complete without extending your elbows as far out as possible.

And this, dear readers, completes the “Annoying Girl Photo Trifecta.” Say Cheese!

  • Lightning Linda

    Sometimes it’s not about the right way to pose but what society is using the Duckie face is international and everyone wants to fit it hmm I’m surprised girls kissing each other was not on your list :) funny article I loved it