Five “It” Girls to Watch Out For in 2015

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They’re popular…they’re hot…and they’re ready to explode in the new year!

While guys can spend their days thinking about any woman with two legs and a pulse, it’s always more fun to focus on the Flavors of the Month (relevancy is hot, no?)

And as we get ready to usher in a new year, there are some gals who’ll be more likely than others to be on the top of the “It List,” as they eat up the lion’s share of news stories and water-cooler gossip–willingly or not!

Here are the top five women to keep a lustful eye on come Jan. 1.

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  • Texan

    You’re a nobody until u get arrested for a DUI lol

    • Barb

      Well, just go to AA and do those pee tests and one day, maybe, it’ll fall off your record.