Uncut Lexicon

Sometimes, bachelors speak their own language; this one certainly does. So here’s a list to help you navigate these ‘uncut’ waters. Be sure to come back often; this list will only get longer!

1-Finger Girl: Either too shy, inexperienced or prudish, she likes her sex vanilla.

2-Finger Girl: She likes to have fun…but has her limits.

3-Finger Girl: A loose girl (i.e. she can fit 3 fingers easily).

3-Finger Salute: A way to reference an easy girl. Ex: “I gave her the 3-Finger salute!”

Backpedaler: Someone who, out of desperation, settles down with someone they had previously rejected.

Casually-Exclusive: A type of relationship whereby you’re exclusive to one person, but only see or speak to him/her on a very casual basis.

Daycare Problems: Similar to “First-World Problems.” A reference to self-absorbed parents who are only preoccupied with the minutiae of their children’s lives and fail to notice the bigger, more serious issues that exist around them.

Fifty: An older woman (a.k.a. a cougar).

FQ (F*ckable Quotient): Measured in “degrees of wetness,” it is used to determine how much moisture the thought of a particular man engenders in a woman.

Green Light Principle: The idea that, no matter how shy, a woman will always give off a vibe (a.k.a. The Green Light), to let a guy know she’s interested.

Italian Shower: When you put on cologne and/or deodorant in lieu of an actual shower.

Ninja Style: To be quick (i.e. like a ninja). Primarily used in a sexual context. Example: “I was in and out…ninja style!”

OFB: A guy who is Old, Fat and Bald (a.k.a. men’s biggest fear).

Slam: To fuck.

SMB: Suck My Balls, used to reference a hot chick. Often used as “Queen SMB,” to denote one of the hottest girls you’ve ever seen.

Spritz: To squirt.

Sprootz: To cum.

ST40: Single Till 40. A symbolic club pertaining to a group of male friends who choose to remain single as long as possible. Although the number 40 is used for vanity purposes, there is no age limit to being a member of this group.

Vag (pronounced Vaj): Vagina