Why do some guys have it ALL?

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Meet the three men who will have you questioning God…or reaching for a rope.

You can deny it all you want fellas, but the truth is, you hate these guys. And I mean HATE them.

Sure, you can be secure enough in your manhood, and whatever status you’ve managed to achieve in life. But there comes a point where, every once in a while, someone comes along that causes even YOU to ask: “Jesus, where did I go wrong?!”

It’s that moment where simple envy for your fellow man goes out the window and a blinding rage over life’s injustices comes flooding in.

Having it all, in this blog’s universe anyway, is also referred to as “The Holy Trinity” (i.e. the body of an Adonis, all the fame and fortune you can stomach, and a sweet–and I mean VERY sweet–piece of ass to come home to every night).

True, there’s no shortage of dudes who’ve got it goin’ on across the board, but these three celebs take it so far over the edge, they should be put in jail (or take their business to North Korea…we’re flexible!):

David Beckham

A soccer phenom who gets to star in flashy underwear campaigns by day and watch Posh Spice prance in her flashy underwear by night.



Joe Manganiello

I mean, come on…WTF!

Credit: NY Post

Credit: NY Post

Tom Brady

Probably the worst offender of all, he gets to slam Gisele and (depending on which Deflategate pundit you speak to) does so while getting away with murder. The cherry on top? He now has five (count ‘em, five!) Superbowl wins…and did I mention he sleeps with Gisele?



Here’s hoping that beneath all of that braun is a really—REALLY—small penis.

  • Tim

    fuck tom brady