Dudes, According to Perez Hilton

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The famed celebrity blogger has become the go-to guy for providing ‘uncut’ truths about men.

Every once in a while, it takes a gay guy to point out the obvious about straight guys.

Fortunately, we have Perez Hilton, the sharp-tongued, often polarizing Hollywood blogger who wears his heart—and his controversial opinions—on his sleeve.

While Perez may have made his name by breaking pop culture news to the online masses, he recently caught my eye when he dared to go where no man had gone before (more on that below). And in so doing, it got me thinking about Mr. Hilton, and how he should be applauded for helping to make three very important points about men that some of us most of us, don’t want to admit:

Men Love Gossip Too

We may not refer to it as gossip, and it may not sound the same when we’re saying it, but trust me, it’s gossip!

Guys (correction: most guys) have a hard time admitting they enjoy hearing about the latest divorce in their circle, or which co-worker is nailing the president of the company, for fear of being emasculated.

But curiosity is not just a women thing, it’s a human thing. The only difference? Men like their gossip lean, without any of the excess details or melodrama that often accompanies women’s blathering (Translation: Just the facts, please).

Sure, a male locker room will have its share of sports talk and investment tips, but you can be sure that there’s plenty of bedroom secrets (usually centered around tits and ass) circling in the steam room.

Even Guys Hold Grudges

You’ve heard it a million times: Women can’t get along for shit. And while I won’t confirm or deny that (cause I know better), I will point out that it doesn’t automatically mean that befriending a male is a walk in the park.


We men pride ourselves on being low maintenance. But we have feelings. We get insulted. And sometimes, we’ve just had enough!

Case in point: While making his media rounds to promote his latest endeavor, Pop Up! #4,  Perez rehashed his now infamous feud with Lady Gaga. Whatever the reason for this platonic breakup, it’s clear that Perez felt used and abused by a woman who had allegedly become…well…a monster post-fame.

And rather than kiss and make up (or “man up,” as some would say), he decided to cut ties with his once close ally, proving that betrayal knows no gender.

A Little Ass Play Goes a Long Way

In case you missed it, one of the most monumental events in radio history occurred just over a week ago on the Howard Stern Show, when Perez fingered fellow Stern staffer Benjy Bronk. Forgetting the “Why’s” and the “WTFs!” for a second, the main thing to retain here is that even straight men can enjoy some backdoor action.

Apparently, the reason behind Benjy’s Perez Prostate Exam was so he could get his girlfriend a job with the Stern show. Now, he could have pretended to hate it all he wants; the truth is, a little fingering never hurt. In fact, given the right circumstances—and motivation—it can be quite enjoyable…right Benjy?

  • Lightning Linda

    Agree women love gossip more boy can we talk for hoursssssssss loll even though men dont usually gossip what they love to hear is who is the easiest girl and who will give you a hard time hmmm men do you agree :)

  • Jessica_Scharr

    LOVE his blog!