Why Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Cooler Than You…

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And why every man should rip a page from his book.

Let’s face it fellas: We live in a world surrounded by A-Holes. If you’re looking for a role model to help you excel in life, or at the very least help you get laid, you’d have an easier time finding an ugly chick at Dan Bilzerian’s house.

But luckily, we still have a few beacons of light to help guide us on the road to becoming top-tier gentlemen. And in 2017, no light shines brighter than that of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (a.k.a. the bat-happy badass Negan on “The Walking Dead”).

He’s the man you’d give up your right arm (and left nut) to be like—even for one day!

So whether you’re looking to class-up your image, or just desperate to get some much-needed action, here are the five cues you should be picking up from Mr. Morgan ASAP:

Don’t Be a Dick

What separates Jeffrey from a huge chunk of the Hollywood elite? He actually seems approachable, which is no small feat given that many stars of red-hot shows often give off an icky, tacky vibe—one that reeks of superiority. Not our Jeffrey though! He’s still got that laid-back, guy-next-door, let’s-go-grab-a-few-beers-and-talk-football kind of charm that’s as refreshing as it is original (by 2017 standards).

So remember fellas: Although building yourself up to the point where everyone wants a piece of you is no small feat, don’t lose sight of the humble guy you were before you got there.

Have a Sense of Humor

Ask anyone what ranks high on their soul mate wish list and chances are it’ll be having a great sense of humor. Mark that as another point for Jeffrey; he’s a joyful teddy bear who doesn’t seem to take life too seriously. Tip: If you have the time, check out any of his recent interviews and you’ll witness a jovial demeanor (and big, flashy smile to boot) that doesn’t take life too seriously and is as sweet as it is infectious.

Grow a Beard…or at least try one on for size

You can write it off as a pretentious, tired fad for wannabe hipsters all you want, but the truth is simple: Beards can make some guys look that much better.

Case in point: Jeffrey. Nuff said.

Stay in Shape

The gym isn’t just for juiced-up 20-something gym rats. You owe it to yourself to stay in shape well into your 40s—and beyond.

And no matter what your sexual orientation, there’s no denying that Jeffrey is a lean, mean zombie-bashing machine.

Much like that squeaky wheel that always gets the grease, an in-shape body usually gets the girl…or guy for that matter. That alone makes all those crunches worth it!

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