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The Top Five Most Unsexy Halloween Costumes EVER!

There’s something about a slutty girl and Halloween that should make for the perfect combo. It is, after all, the one time of the year that a chick can wear next-to-nothing and not be criticized by jealous prudes who probably haven’t gotten laid since Friends went off the air.

So imagine my shock and horror of seeing costumes that blow a golden opportunity to get beautiful women looking their absolute whorish best.

Special thanks to the folks at Popsugar (and for bringing these travesties to my attention.

Here’s hoping they’ll stay off the shelves forever (you can see Popsugar’s complete list of Halloween costume don’ts here).

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egg costume 

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  • Lightning Linda

    where did you find these ugly costumes hahahhaaaaa omg tooo funny who the hell would actually wear these in public..Great article Dario but I wonder, who will dress up as the bachelor this year :)

  • Gee Kalo

    The lampshade lol …horrible!

  • ZippyBippy

    These are all boner shrinkers.

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