Why Funny Guys Get Laid

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What Seth Meyers can teach you, and why great sex is just a punch line away.

There’s nothing like a well-told joke, and a charming personality to boot, to get a guy some ass.

Ok, so maybe it’s not as easy as dishing out a few knock-knock jokes, but there is something to be said for a dude who could make a girl chuckle.

In fact, there’s a whole sub-section of men who get by quite well with women, not because they have supermodel looks, or the body of an Adonis, but because they have an uncanny ability to make them feel good with well-timed comedic synergy–the kind of synergy that usually speaks to women’s instinctive need to be around guys who aren’t flying off the handle in testosterone-fueled rages every five seconds.  

Why “Funny” and “F*cking” are more alike than you think!

If you’re a guy who’s lacking a few ingredients from the “four-food-group-equivalent” of male necessities (i.e. looks, body, salary, fashion sense) then comedy is usually your last chance to salvage what is certain to be a doomed sex life.

The good news here is that even if she isn’t giving you the time of day, you can still entertain your way into her pants! 

Call it a “Funny Aphrodisiac“; it’s real, and it works!

Seth Meyers: Comic and Sexual Role Model

Although there are plenty of funny guys out there for me to look up to, no one shows how a man can deliver a funny line while endearing himself to women in the process better than Seth Meyers.


Cause he’s more than just a joke-teller; he also possesses a delicate, hard-to-find combination that gets girls to let their guard down (a combination I wish I had more of):

  • Boyish Charm…He’s as non-threatening as you can get, a dude who doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, and doesn’t have an inflated ego.
  • A big smile…that oozes sincerity. When a guy seems genuinely nice, he creates an inviting space around himself that women will be more inclined to step into, figuratively and literally.
  • Oh yeah…and he’s fuckin’ HILARIOUS!

True, he does have the added benefit of being good-looking, but not in the airbrushed, overly-processed way that some of Hollywood’s leading men tend to be (Translation: He’s the boy next door, who happens to be on TV).

For Your Consideration: A Comedic Case Study

“I went out on a blind date with this guy as a favor to my girlfriend, who begged me for months to see him,” says Megan, a 30-year-old fellow Montrealer.

“When he walked into the restaurant, I was not feeling him at all…just not my type. I wanted to strangle my girlfriend! But during our dinner, he made me laugh harder than I had in months…was a nice feeling. Then, I started to look at him differently. Now we’ve been dating for six months!”

Who says BachelorUNCUT can’t appreciate a beautiful love story (especially when it illustrates a point beautifully)!


Tread Lightly with the Funny

But as important as it is to be amusing, you still need a girl who “gets” the punchline, cause there’s nothing worse than having your well-intention’d humor fall on un-funny ears.  In other words, ease up on the sarcasm and dry humor (especially in the beginning) or she may wind up thinking you belong on my next Douche List.

Oh, and if you could make her friend laugh too, you may very well find yourself with a First-Class ticket to ThreesomeVille!

In the end, it’s great to know that even though nice guys may finish last, the funny ones can at least come away with a good blowjob.

How important is humor in your relationship? Share your comments below.

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    lol, love Seth. Miss him on SNL though :( Haven’t seen his show yet.

  • RockyRoads

    I’ve never heard Seth swear…wonder if he’s a badass