Top Five Douches, Take Two

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Cause when there are this many douches walkin’ around, you need a second list!

Here we go again!

If there was one thing that was learned from my first piece on the Top Douches, it’s that my fellow men are plagued with even more faults than we originally thought.

Gentlemen, consider this tough love. If we can all clean up our acts (even a little) our reputation for being pigs might be a thing of the past.

So fellas, get your shit together!

Here is the next batch of Top Five Douches who need a serious intervention. Click “Next” to get started!

He's a LOSER!

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  • Yanks4Life

    ROFTL…There’s about 20 of the gym ones where I go.

  • Havanna Rose

    You forgot, in my opinion, the best of the worst…the Douche with NPD (Narcissitic Personality Disorder).

  • Lightning Linda

    Number 6 rocked lolll and the term i use for douche is anal..lolllll