The Top Five Girls I Want to Get Sh*t-Faced With

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Whether they’re hot, or a just hot mess, there are some chicks that make goin’ out look like a real party.

Who says drunk debauchery is a “guy thing”?

The good news (especially for bachelors) is that going out with an entourage doesn’t have to feel like a sausage fest; there are some women who look like they can not only drink men under the table (e.g. me), they also know how to have serious fun, “Coyote Ugly” style.

And whether they’re on the A-List or D-List, there’s only one list that really matters: The “Who Knows How to Have a Good Time” list.

Here are the Top Five Hollywood Gals that I’d like to spend some Happy Hour quality time with.

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alcohol shots

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  • Yanks4Life

    The things I would do to Tan Mom LMAO. Did you hear her at the birthday show?

  • Lightning Linda

    Great article I would love to party, drink and make out with pink :)..As for tan mom I wont ask Mr. Bachelor i wanna know why lolllll