The Face, or the Body?

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When it comes to sex appeal, should the face carry more weight?

“So many ugly people!”

That was my first reaction when I hit the sands of South Beach recently and found myself in a sea of biceps and 8-packs. Indeed, something was fishy, and it wasn’t the ocean. It was that for every decent-looking dude, there were about nine who looked like train wrecks.

And I immediately thought to myself: What the f**k is the point of having a great body if your face is a disaster?

Before you accuse me of sour grapes, let me state for the record that I have NO issues when it comes to admitting that a guy is better-looking than me (although, as a side note, I’ve always had a hate-hate relationship with gyms). And guys who look like supermodels from head to toe deserve to get as much ass as they can get their hands on. God bless ‘em!

But what about the others? Ouch! Any guy who parades around town with his juiced-up bod, acting like his sh*t don’t stink, needs a serious reality check.

Unless…Can it be?

Can guys really get any woman they want just cause they’re appealing from the neck down?

It’s a disturbing trend I’ve noticed back home as well, where even the ugliest (read: “Fugly”) muscle heads manage to find someone to go home with.

With all the political correctness going around these days, you’d almost think that looks didn’t matter–but they do…apparently.

So maybe, just maybe, society’s shallowness has hit a new low. 

While having a perfect body can do wonders for your self-image, is it enough to make you irresistible? I get that some women appreciate a well-sculpted physique in the bedroom, but what if that’s the only thing a guy can offer?

It is used to be that having the pressure for a perfect body was a (stereotypical) gay man’s problem. But there are enough straight guys rushing to the gym on their lunch breaks to suggest that the urge for great abs is at an all-time high. I’d like to think they were doing it for their health, but I’m not so sure.

Luckily, on the flip side, things are much less complicated, cause even though we have our female preferences, we can throw it all out the window if it means getting laid.

Face Vs. Body: Let the Debate Begin!

I’ve always believed that a good smile–together with great teeth–and, yes, a great head of hair, were worth more than nice pecs and biceps. I apparently stand corrected.

And all this time I was thinking that guys who spend the better part of their adult life lifting and grunting at the gym were trying to over-compensate! Maybe they’re just giving a lot of women what they want.

Ladies, please tell me that I’m wrong, and that you agree with me that bodies come and go, but ugly is forever.

Or, do I need to face the fact that a muscled-man is the new gold standard and I need to get my sorry ass to the gym pronto.

So, whether you’re gay, straight, or both, what do you think counts more, a face or a body?
What do YOU look at first?

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  • Lightning Linda

    I agree bodies come and go but ugly stays forever..They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but i think ugly people came up with that quote lolll I go to the gym 6 days a week dont get me wrong guys have great bodies their but there face eeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats another story and i run passed them..Girls you can drool over their pumped and hard bodies but as they get older that does fade and your left with an ugly face and an ugly body,..Man you girls got screwedddddddddddd big time lolll at the end of the day bodies are not important its how they handle you in bed :)..Great article Dario!!!