Sex, Lies, and an Evil Doctor

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Why Season Two of this Bachelor’s Favorite Show, Big Brother, is still King!

I pity anyone who missed out on the Summer 2001 edition of Big Brother. It is without question the greatest season of the greatest reality series ever produced…EVER!

Which is saying a lot considering everything about that season, from the rules to the props, was simpler. And yet the twists, turns, backstabbing and shocking moments (knife to the throat anyone?) have yet to be topped.

Big Brother 2 made for an edge-of-your-seat thriller of a summer, with the greatest player of all time, Dr. Will Kirby leading the charge. From the moment those cameras were first turned on, to when the final key was pulled, you couldn’t have written a better plot if you tried.

More importantly, that season left us with Five Important Life Lessons that still hold true.

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  • Lightning Linda

    I’ll bow down to him anytime :)

  • souldeep69

    Perhaps you forget that Kent and Bunky became good friends by mid-season. The scene where Kent found Bunky asleep still dressed in his bed, lights out, and Kent takes a blanket and gently drapes it over Bunky, is one of the most indelible in the history of reality TV.