“OOPS, I Married a Lesbian!”

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When your woman wants another woman, are you in marriage heaven or hell?

Same-sex adultery has probably been around since the days of Adam and Eve. And chances are you’d automatically assume that Adam was the one with the wandering eye, which is totally understandable since…

Most of you know at least one married man who’s sucked a little cock when the Mrs. was out of town.

It’s the truth. Deal with it!

The bigger issue is: Why is it that the guy-guy affairs seem to make the most noise? Are men just more forgiving of a lesbian indiscretion and are willing to sweep it under the rug (lots of studies say “Yes”)?

Make no mistake: The number of married gals on the “down-low” gets bigger by the day.

For Your Consideration:

A friend of mine recently told me that, while his wife was on a Bahamian getaway with her (single) BFF, they had had one-too-many mojitos and pretty much went to town on each other. Out of her mind with guilt, she fessed up to my friend the minute she got back (with the usual, “It just happened” teary-eyed routine).

Ready for this? My friend didn’t so much as flinch; for him, it was a non-issue. At least that’s the version I got.

And I was just as surprised by my own reaction. Even though she did sleep with someone else (if I’m to get technical) I, like my friend, didn’t get that blood-boiling rage, like someone someone had just wronged my bro. If anything, I found it a little HOT!

And I’m not alone. I’ve brought this up to a few people since then, and even though some were quick to point out that it was cheating (yeah, yeah, we got it), not one person had the reaction that you’d expect with the good old-fashioned hetero affairs.

So what gives?

When it comes to sexual orientations and tastes, I’m all for putting your cards on the table. You married a girl but secretly want her brother? Get a divorce. God gave you a penis instead of a vag by mistake? Have an operation.

But when it comes to a girl-on-girl infidelity, is that an offense worth running to the divorce lawyer for?

I’d like to think that a man can separate emotional attachment from the act of slamming—much more than a woman can. So maybe some guys are secure enough to know that their wives sometimes need something that neither he, nor a 12-inch dildo, can provide. Because for them, it’s “just sex.”

The sex-crazed bachelor side of me wants to believe that my friend, like so many others in the same boat, actually embrace this, as this puts them one step closer to realizing the ultimate male fantasy (cliché and all).

What do you think? Do couples who sleep in 3’s stick together (provided that two out of the three are women, of course)?

Bottom line, the old adage still applies: Happy wife, happy life!