So You Married a (Gay?) Male Stripper

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When you vowed “For Better or Worse,” did you know he spent his formidable years in a g-string?

Marriage can be full of sweet surprises, but perhaps the sweetest one of all (at least in my book) is learning that the man to whom you said “I do” was shaking his ass for half the guys in the city before you ‘came’ along.

Shocking? Yes.

Deal-breaker? Not necessarily.

I’m Your Private Dancer

Theirs was a romance to end all romances—love at first sight.

On paper, he was perfect: Tall, dark and handsome; a very successful computer engineer; went to mass every week; never swore; and was VERY monogamous.

It also helped that he took her to Paris for their fifth date!

She knew he was REALLY something special by the way he took care of his ailing mother. He was kind and compassionate…and the first non-asshole she had met in years.

In fact, he was so perfect that she A) didn’t flinch one bit when he proposed to her just six months after their first meeting and B) didn’t mind that he was a stripper back in his college days.

The only catch? He left out the part about dudes being his target audience.

Let’s be fair: It can’t be easy telling the future mother of your children that guys would stuff dollar bills in your crotch.

And it wasn’t until a drunk gay co-worker of hers recognized the stripping hubby years later (at her company Christmas party, of all places) that she finally uncovered the naked truth.

She was devastated…a borderline divorce. But why?

Guys/Girls…What’s the Difference?

The once-happy couple soon found themselves at odds over two separate yet intertwined issues. What started off as an argument about trust and dishonesty on her end quickly became an accusatory conversation about homophobia from his.

If she was willing to accept the fact that her husband earned an honest living in the buff, what did it matter who was watching?

You might argue that she feared that she had married a gay guy. But he had not done or said anything to suggest that he was. And, most importantly, had flat-out denied it.

And just like that, they found themselves at a stalemate, notwithstanding the irony that most guys would probably consider it a blessing to have a wife who once stripped in a lesbian bar.

Relationships have all sorts of obstacles thrown at them, but this one takes the (naked) cake. And who’s really to blame? Is the husband guilty of not being completely transparent from the get-go, or is the wife at fault for falling prey to yet another politically-incorrect double standard?

Gay or straight, is stripping in a past life a deal-breaker for you?

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  • Jessica_Scharr

    If she was ok with his stripping and he’s not doing guys behind her back, then why is she so pissed exactly????

  • Lightning Linda

    I see no big deal the past is the past and hell would not bother me