My Sister-in-Law…My Lover

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Can you forgive two people who give new meaning to the term “Family Affairs”?

The first time Mr. X (original, right?) slept with his girlfriend’s sister, it was the morning of the girls’ dad’s funeral. He had gone to pick up his future sister-in-law at her place, and wound up consoling her for over an hour.

One thing lead to another and, well, the rest pretty much reads like a scene from General Hospital

They had consummated what had been a year-long flirtation…a sexual tension that was getting thicker by the nanosecond.

You might say that she was feeling extra vulnerable that day (and was out of her mind with grief), and you could rationalize that he just had a “momentary lapse of judgment,” but this supposed one-day-stand kicked off what would become an ongoing affairright up to the night before his wedding.  

But Wait, It Gets Better!

Did I mention that the husband came clean not too long after he got back from the honeymoon, and the wife (after flirting with a near mental breakdown) FORGAVE THEM BOTH, saying that she was willing to begin her married life with a clean slate?

Now, we could spend an eternity dissecting the insanity that is this dysfunctional sisterly bond, but I ain’t no Dr. Phil. Instead, I’ll just add another check mark to my list of sham marriages.

Anyone have Jerry Springer’s number?


Sibling Rivalry Run Amok

Most studies that get into the adversarial relationships among adult siblings usually focus on males, since they tend to be more competitive with each other by nature. But make no mistake: Sisters can get as competitive and jealous with the best of them. And these two take the (wedding) cake!

All I can say is, who wouldn’t want to be a fly on their wall come Christmas time?  

For the love of God…why?

The husband may be a lot of things, but a wimp isn’t one of them. After all, it takes balls the size of watermelons to bed his girl’s kid sister. Maybe she (the sister, a.k.a. the “other woman”) represents the younger, less-complicated version of the life he wishes he had. The life without fighting, emotional baggage, or commitment.

Or maybe the guy likes playing the Russian Roulette of sex, where the high stakes and HUGE risks are just too tempting to pass up.

Personally, I’m still fixated on how much repressed anger and resentment one sister can have towards another.

Either that, or the city is officially out of available men!

Although, selfishly speaking of course, this does make for a great blog post.

Is Blood Thicker Than Cheating?

If it’s a cardinal sin (for most people) how does a woman get past a betrayal that involves her husband AND her own sister? Is it insecurity? Self-loathing? Naivete? OR…is she the saintly poster child for the art of forgiveness?

Should we give her a standing ovation for wanting to respect her marriage vows, or is she just another jilted spouse who looks the other way–while making herself look like the craziest one of the three?

Married folks…I’d love to hear from you!

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