The Three Degrees of Coffee Dating

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A coffee is just a coffee, until you realize where you’re drinking it has a lot to do with who you’re drinking it with!

What do coffee and women have in common? More than you might think.

While some debates (like whether a girl who drinks beer from a bottle is hot or not) have been beaten to death, the relationship between women and their coffee of choice is ripe for the deciphering.

You’d be amazed at what you can learn about a chick by observing which coffee circles she hangs in.

So whether you’re scoping out the hotties while sipping a latte, or planning a casual romantic evening at a café, always remember the Three Degrees of Coffee Dating, from the good, to the not-so-good.

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  • Lightning Linda

    It doesn’t matter where you have coffee its who your with but I hate starbucks your right have you seen the people that go in their its snob city and definitely overpriced..Coffee on a terrasse works for me..Great article dario!!

  • Living Life

    I’ve been to the Tunnel cafe. Great coffee. But now there’s always a crowd a lunch lol.

    • jon

      that’s why i go late afternoon

      • Lily

        Just tried it. Thanks for the tip Mr. Bachelor!

  • MTLforEVA

    Is the Tunnel cafe going to open other locations?