The Top Five Pick-Up Lines You Probably Fell For

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Whether he’s too shy, or he just sucks at it, these opening lines should get a guy’s foot in the door.

Ah, us men and our pick-up lines…you gotta love it!

Even though my “Green Light Principle” theory states that, if a girl’s interested in you, it doesn’t matter you say, some guys may still need some help actually getting noticed (or aren’t perceptive enough to know the girl’s been staring at them for the past 20 minutes).

That’s why pick-up lines are a necessary evil in today’s society; cause while it may be easier to make a direct approach, sometimes you just want to protect yourself from a bad rejection–or a boyfriend you didn’t realize was hovering nearby–both of which can put a serious dent in your evening.

And that’s also why the best pick-up lines are the ones that don’t sound like pick-up lines at all. You got her to notice you, and she never saw it coming!

Here are the Top Five Pick-Up Lines girls fell for and didn’t even realize it. Click “Next” to get started.


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  • Girly_Girl_YYZ

    If a guy asks me to take his pic…I’m onto him lolol!

  • Lightning Linda

    omg lolllll soooooo true hahahahaaa LOVED THIS ARTICLE!!!

  • Lady Goodman

    I’m not impressed; you can do better I’m sure.

    • Bachelor Uncut

      They worked for me ;)