Have You Heard of the “Green Light Principle”?

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It’s the easiest way to pick up a girl, so why aren’t more guys doing it?

Is there anything sadder than seeing a dude get rejected by a woman, especially when he’s super confident going in, and less than 10 minutes later is left standing there with his tail between his legs (and holding a Cosmo that she barely touched)?

And he has that look on his face like, “What just happened?”

What if I told you that I NEVER get rejected (ok, make that most of the time)?

Now, let’s be clear: I’m not saying that I’m a Playboy who picks up a lot (if only!). But when I do, I rarely have to make the first move, and I almost-always manage to seal the deal.

When it comes to breaking the ice, (whether at a club, a gym, or even the office), there’s one very important trick that has a nearly-perfect success rate, and which guys aren’t using enough of.

And…Are you ready for this?…It involves doing absolutely NOTHING!

Wait for the “Green Light”

If you’re expecting me to break into some crazy, out-of-left-field theory, you’re in for a disappointment. The “Green Light” is just a visual cue that a girl who’s interested in you will give off, and which will tells you that it’s ok to approach her.

These cues aren’t always obvious (sometimes it’s a quick double-take, other times she’ll be talking in a girlfriend’s ear and looking at you the whole time–when she thinks you’re not paying attention), but if you’re smart enough to pick up on them, you just saved yourself the agony of having to hear the words “No thanks.”

This isn’t fool proof (nothing is) but for any guy who hates rejection or doesn’t like to waste time, this could put an end to all of the dead-ends, so to speak.

And though you may not talk to as many girls, waiting for the Green Light means that the ones you do approach will at least be attainable–and all it will take is a simple “Hello.”

Why it Works

The Green Light Principle is based on a basic, fundamental fact about human behavior:

When a girl is interested in you, she’ll almost-always show it, whether she’s conscious of it or not.

Remember, there’s no such thing as “being shy”; that’s usually our way of justifying yet another strike-out, or holding out false hope that she’ll “come around.”


A lot of guys who do well with girls tend to think it’s cause they got some magic trick up their sleeve (or at the very least a magic cock)…a certain way with the ladies that sets them apart from everyone else.

I hate to burst their bubble, but their dumb pick-up line had nothing to do with it. They were just blessed with good genes (and/or a nice car) and would have gotten in the girls’ pants regardless.

The art of mating is simple; it’s humans who make it complicated.

Let me spell it out for you once more: If a girl is interested in you, it doesn’t matter what the fuck you say or how you say it (assuming you’re respectful obviously); she’ll be putty in your hands no matter what. If she’s turned on, even your dumbest joke will sound HILARIOUS. But if she can barely stand to look at you, that same joke will get you bitch-slapped.

Hey, who said life was fair?

I present to you: Exhibits A, B and C

Remember the not-so-attractive girl with whom I had all those really good times with?
She kept walking past me the night we met and gave me a stare-down each time. I then made some cute-yet-very-dumb remark, asking her if she was lost and, surprise surprise, she laughed. The rest is history.

Or the girl who insisted I take down her number a few weeks ago?
I could tell she was staring at me, but I was pretending to try and get the bartender’s attention. She then leaned in with the “Why so serious?” line, and I knew I was IN.

And how about the now-infamous MILF?
She introduced herself to me (though in full disclosure, this was after my best friend purposely pushed me onto her).

Really, You Don’t Have to Try So Hard

Remember, even the shiest of girls will give you a second glance or be a little giddy around you, or drop a very subtle hint that you’re on her radar. It’s up to YOU to be more attentive.

Stop hitting on everything that moves and seeing which one(s) take the bait (unless you got the time…and the thick skin). Instead, focus on the one who’s secretly focused on you.

And once that light turns green, all you have to do is step on the gas! Oh, and leave your pick-up lines at home.

  • DetroitRockCity

    Girls always like to act like they’re in their own bubble and don’t give shit about guys. but theyre looking lolol