What Women Want: A Gay Man? (Part One)

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If recent trends are any indication, the perfect man just might be straight on the outside, and GAY on the inside.

Here is the first of two parts from BachelorUNCUT’s first Guest Blogger (Anonymous)!:

It’s 2014 and sexuality is more expansive and open than ever before, am I right, ladies?  So many more men are starting to take care of themselves (e.g., buying ‘product’ for their hair; ditching their ‘no fat chicks’ tee-shirts in favor of some designer clothes; getting mani/pedis; and openly discussing ‘what they’re thinking’ with you, 24/7.

The problem is that many women are confused by what they think they want (and what the media tells them they should want) versus what they really need.

And this confusion leads many women to not only choose wrongly, but also complain that their man is not fulfilling their needs.

Many women will tell you that they want a sensitive, caring guy, someone who will be their best friend, who will listen to all of their stories, and with whom they can do really fun things, like shoe shop.

But what they really want (and need) is the exact opposite!

Women (yes, even those who are completely independent) want someone to be their protector, to step up and be a man when he needs to, and someone who makes them feel safe.

But, because of all the prevalent metro-sexuality filling up the airwaves and magazines, they’ve managed to convince themselves that what they want is a guy who’s more like them.

As a result, these women are dipping their toes in the wrong dating pool–in such a way that can put a real dent in their relationships.

So I ask you, ladies, in your quest to find the perfect guy, have you inadvertently been dating a gay man?

Check out these 10 warning signs and be honest with yourself:

He Wants to “take things slow”

If your man wants to “get to know you,” before getting you into bed, he’s probably gay.  Men are hunter-gatherers. Their strongest desire will always be the conquest (i.e. get into your pants as quickly and effortlessly as possible—and then brag about it).

Anything else they tell you is a lie.  Count on it.  Women hold all the power here, and both sexes know it.  The trick is to get what you want before you give away the store or force him to move on because you are dragging your feet instead of lifting them above your head.  Any guy who throws up a “go slow” sign is likely lying to himself, you, or both.

He Loves the Pop Princesses

If your guy has an intimate knowledge of any kind of today’s pop music (think Katy Perry or Lady Gaga), and can recite their lyrics word for word, you’ve guessed it: G-A-Y.

He’s a Fashionista

If your guy compliments you on your fashion sense regularly, he’s probably gay. Straight guys will only compliment women on their wardrobe in two instances: (a) to get you dressed and out of the house after you’ve tried on 50 outfits and keep asking him, “Does this look good, or did you like the red one better?” and (b) when he wants you to take off the dress you’re wearing so he can bang you.

He Wants to Share the Love…with another dude

If your guy seems overly interested in a threesome and doesn’t care if it’s with another man, he’s probably gay.  Straight guys don’t like competition, especially when they are naked and aroused.  This is why straight guys prefer lesbian porn: Those girls have the bits they like and they don’t have.  No straight guy is looking at another guy in these circumstances–and does not want to so in real life.

He Shops Till He Drops

If you’re guy loves to go shopping, he’s probably gay.  Here’s how straight guys shop:  Joe realizes he needs a new pair of jeans.  He goes to one store, looks for something in his size and buys it.  He doesn’t make a day of it and he doesn’t call up friends to go with him. He would rather be at Home Depot or getting a blowjob from you…or someone else for that matter.


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