Sex and the Cup of Coffee

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Why the road to getting laid is smoother with caffeine.

“Wanna grab a coffee?”

God only knows how many times that question’s been asked, from horny college students to co-workers…or two people who just bumped into each other on a street corner—all looking to take that monumental first step towards getting into the other person’s pants (or something a little more meaningful).

Some of the greatest flings start over a cup of joe. And yet, it continues to be of the most underrated and underappreciated ways of hooking up.

Maybe it’s because we usually consider coffee to be more of a platonic pastime. But the truth is, flirting over a latte and some biscotti is not only more common than you think, it probably happened to YOU and you didn’t even realize it!

The Easier Way to Date

That’s the beauty about asking someone out for a cup of coffee: It can be a date without sounding like a date (shy people: TAKE NOTES).

You might say that “Going for a coffee” is becoming the new “Catching a movie” in the Casual Dating Department.

And now, thanks to the explosion of coffee shops from coast to coast (from the simple mom-and-pop nook, to the trendier hot spots (where the term “barista” is now the poser-word-du-jour), there’s no shortage of opportunities, or street corners, to fall in love…or lust.

I’ve always thought there was something really intimate about sharing a cup of coffee, in a not-so-obviously-intimate kind of way.

It’s a raw, stripped down version of a formal cocktail hour, a way to let your guard down and just be yourself.

Great conversation, no frills, and maybe even a fresh canoli if you’re really lucky; what more could you ask for?


Why Coffee Dates Work:

You’re in a Casual, Neutral Territory…
Forget all of the unnecessary prep work and stress that goes into a formal outing. A coffee date means less pretense and more fun.

There’s No Obligation…
It’s as non-committal as you can get – the perfect option for anyone who’s on the fence about the other person, or not looking for anything serious (i.e. me). Remember, it’s a lot harder to turn someone down after a lobster entree than it is after a latte.

It’s Quick and to the Point…
A notch above speed-dating, a coffee tête-à-tête doesn’t have to linger on all night. Which is perfect, especially if it’s turning into a disaster. In less than an hour, you’ll know if you’ve hit a home run, or will be left holding a bat in your hands.

You Can Weed Out the Undesirables…
For a guy especially, the other plus to pitching a casual espresso, for a first date anyway, is that it’s a great way to see if the girl they’re running after is really a pampered prima donna in disguise. If she’s expecting the oysters and champagne right out of the gate, drop her like a hot macchiato.

Keep the romance brewing…

Sure, a bottle of wine and a fancy meal is a great way to score some points, but you’d be surprised how far a really good cappuccino can take you.

Have you been on any good coffee date lately? Share your story below.

  • Yanks4Life

    Skip the coffee go straight to motel ;)

  • Lightning Linda

    Loved this article and its true coffee is only pretending to be nice when you rather be ripping of each others clothes..I always plan coffee first but funny how we never make it to tim hortons lollllllllll