The Ugly Truth About Not-So-Beautiful Women

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Think that ‘average’ girls are the most approachable? Think again!

As far as ironies go, this one is truly epic:

A slightly drunk, and very horny single guy makes his way across the bar and sees two women sitting in a corner. One looks like an out-of-this-world supermodel, while the other is closer to a 5/10 (an “average kind of pretty,” if you will).

Figuring he has a more realistic shot with the “regular one,” he confidently (and very politely) introduces himself to Ms. 5 and offers to buy her a drink.

It seems like a sure thing…until she dismisses him before he could even finish his sentence and shoots him the kind of glare that’s usually reserved for someone you just found out gave you crabs.

The supermodel, meanwhile, looks at him with a face that says, “Sorry my friend was such a bitch to you,” which can also be interpreted as “Next time, talk to me instead!

When did the most slammable chick in the joint become so easy to get?

The Ugly Truth…

It’s been said that the prettiest girl in the room is often the one who finds herself alone, since guys automatically assume she’s taken. Either that, or they think she’s out of their league and will probably reject them with the snobbiest of cold shoulders.

But what these guys don’t realize is that these gorgeous creatures have had everyone from prepubescent boys to pervy old men approach them their entire lives.

They’re used to socializing, flirting and mundane chit chatting; it’s as natural to them as breathing. So regardless of whether or not you have a chance in hell with them, they at least know how to play the game!

Why ‘Average’ Girls Make For Less-Than-Average-Conversations

On the other hand, girls who’ve lacked any form of male attention spend the bulk of their single lives trying to swim in the ‘shallow’ dating pool with a massive chip on their shoulder. And as a result, this makes them the most unapproachable women of all.

They can come off as being rude and condescending, and it’s perhaps due to one (or all) of the following reasons:

They Make Future Men Pay for Past Assholes…

Much like that one rotten apple that spoils the bunch, there are the occasional dudes who will make nice with a girl just so they can get an insider’s track to her hotter friend. As a result, the used girl thinks most men have shady ulterior motives.

They’re Insecure…

Some women are just not that comfortable in their own skin, and the fact that they aren’t showered with attention doesn’t help matters. So they end up projecting their own inhibitions onto the man—whether they know it or not.

They’re Jealous…

Women have perfected the passive-aggressive plays, and this instance is no exception. It isn’t uncommon for a girl (one who doesn’t think of herself as a goddess) to be hit on by a man and then suggest he talk to her “goddess” friend instead. This isn’t a selfless act of kindess…she just automatically assumed that she can’t compete with her better-looking posse.

  • James

    Awesome article!! I also think that average girls want to feel beautiful, and I guess the best way to feel wanted and beautiful is to turn down some one that just wants to talk.