Successful Girlfriend, Rocky Relationship?

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How one macho man turned his own insecurities into the best orgasms of his life.

When Brad started working for his girlfriend’s mega-successful PR firm, it marked the beginning of what would become a very tough road—at first anyway.

Like most alpha-males, he was used to calling the shots in his previous life as an independent commercial painter. And he had always fashioned himself to be a great provider (as a single dad) for his two children.

Just like Mr. Sinatra, he did it all his way.

But what a difference a year, the shitty economy and a new girlfriend can make.

With times getting leaner, and the promise of a better work-life balance right under his nose, he succumbed (no pun intended) to his girlfriend’s offer: A chance to not only learn her business but eventually help run her numerous offices from A to Z. She gave him stability, flexibility and even a fancy job title.

For many, this would be the ultimate jackpot; but to Brad, this was merely a few tampons shy of complete and utter emasculation.

No Room For Big Balls

He became very miserable VERY fast, drowning in a red-tape-filled, corporate 9-to-5 grind that he swore he would never take part in. He was now following processes, working in a large team, and filling out group benefits forms—all of which were completely foreign to him.

What’s worse, his usual roars were reduced to squeaks, as he was forced to sit back, listen, and bite his tongue whenever opinions were flying around over things that didn’t concern him. Oh, and his girlfriend would tell him what to do.

And though he’d never admit to it out loud, everyone knew that having the girlfriend bring in the big bucks had bruised his pride.

His girlfriend immediately suspected the worst: that he’d turn into a resentful, spiteful partner which, in turn, would put an end to their once red-hot love affair.

Boy was she wrong…

Stressed Out Worker = Great Rough Lover

What does a 42-year-old man who’s unsure of his manhood do when the tension’s been bubbling up in him all day and he has no where to release it?

Easy. He unleashes it as soon as he gets home in a blaze of sexual glory!

Let the record show, that since Brad made the career switch, the sex life has never been better (although, allegedly, it was already good to begin with). His girlfriend (a.k.a. The Boss) can barely take two steps into the house before being pinned up against the wall and getting digitally invaded. Hair-pulling has become the new norm, and the orgasms are plentiful.

She maintains that this is simply his way of over-compensating, and frankly, she couldn’t be happier.

Who would have thought…that creating a prisoner in the daytime could create an insatiable fuck machine come nighttime.

But alas, all that really matters is that a man is the master of last least one domain. And if they play their cards right, maybe–just maybe–women really can have it all…at work, and between the sheets!

After all, happy wife boss, happy life!

  • Lightning Linda

    DAMM I GOT TO TRY THAT OUT!!!! I guess being a bitch does pays off :)