Huge Belly, Huge Sex Appeal

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Check out the Five Hottest Pregnant Celebrities who know how to turn some men on–one trimester at a time.

Of all the fetishes in the world, the one involving pregnant women has me the most confused.

What is it about a chick sporting a baby belly that makes some men lose their mind (and their semen)? Is the thought of doing something dirty to a woman in such a “pure” state too tempting to resist? Or does it have something to do with all of the excess hormones flying around?

Whatever the reason, be sure to add pregnant women to the list of popular sexual fixations (probably just behind peeing and ball torture).

And so, this post is dedicated to a friend of mine whose dream is to one day bask in the glow of three or four naked pregnant beauties (and do so naked). It is to him that I present these five expecting stunners

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baby bump

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  • ZippyBippy

    Sorry, this one I just do not get. But, to each his own, I guess.