Five Guys Who Need to Get Laid ASAP!

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If no sex makes for an unhappy man, these fellas could use a good lay (or at the very least a good blowjob).

I’ve long contended that there’s a direct correlation between sexual satisfaction and dudes looking completely and utterly miserable–all the time. And if true, think of how many fights (and possibly even world wars) could have been prevented if everyone enjoyed a constant flow of non-masturbatory orgasms.

From bosses to world leaders, from co-workers to that always-grumpy ticket agent at the train station, we see these guys everywhere.

And they all make us wonder: When was the last time they got some?

Here are five dudes who may be swell on the inside, but look like they’re perennially constipated on the outside.

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why so angry?

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  • ZippyBippy

    LOL. You should send this Piers on Twitter. He’s a born confrontationist on there and it would be automatic, guaranteed publicity for the Bachelor’s terrific blog! Twitter war!

  • Lightning Linda

    never laughed sooo hard in my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee GREAT ARTICLE :)