The Truth About Tryst

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Bachelor UNCUT takes a second dating app for a test drive, and it’s another fun ride!

Another week, another dating app.

As I download Tryst onto my phone, I can help but wonder what my 20′s would have looked like if I didn’t have to get out of bed to try and get laid. Cause one thing is clear: Hook-up apps are my new obsession!

Except, if you’re not dealt a good hand, your thumb might be the only thing getting a workout. But I digress…

You may have seen Tryst in action on the Bravo TV show, “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male,” a docu-series that looks at the “booming online dating culture from the male perspective.”

So I thought it was my turn to see what all the fuss was about, and see if my fellow bachelors south of the border could teach me a few things (that MILFs, psychos and adulterers hadn’t already).

Side Note: Why hasn’t Yours Truly been tapped by this show yet? I smell a petition coming!

What happens when the app is prettier than the people on it?

Aesthetically, Tryst definitely has a more contemporary vibe going for it; the app itself is eye candy, if maybe a bit too “girly” looking. Actually, it looks like it was designed by someone from the art department at Cosmo (which is fine, since it’s clearly targeted towards the hip, urban fashionistas).

And just like that other dating app, Tinder, it lets you anonymously “like” someone, and will notify you of a match (i.e. if that person liked you back).

Sadly, you can’t swipe left or right, a la Tinder; instead you gotta press either “Yes” or “No” (though, to be fair, it does cut down on accidentally skipping over someone you meant to like…damn those quick thumbs!).

You also have access to cool features like leaving a “Flirt Message” and you get to define what “Pigeonholes” suit you best (i.e. badges/icons you can add to your profile to give your would-be online conquests a better sense of who you are). In my haste to get up and flirting, I went with “Beach Bum,” “Artsy,” and “Adventurer” (Mental Note: I’ll need to update those ASAP).

So…you wanna be a mom? NEXT!

The one thing I did love about Tinder was the simplicity of the profiles. No lengthy, BS-laced descriptions…just face pics.

But, even if all you’re looking for is a fling, a few extra details might be beneficial in the long-run (e.g. If your Tryst fling indicated that she wants to have kids, and is already in her 30s, she may secretly be looking for more than a few good slam sessions).

Give Your Profile A Boost

Proving that money once again makes life easier, the app also comes with “Super Powers,” which, for relatively small fees, can help give you a much-needed boost:

  •  Flirts: A cuter way of saying “Hey!”, a Flirt makes sure that whomever you like will see YOUR profile first. You automatically get four Flirts, and you can purchase a 12-pack for just $4.99.
  •  X-Ray Vision: Not at all as creepy as it sounds, X-Ray Vision lets you know who’s liked your profile BEFORE you give that person a “Yes” or a “No.” If you’d like some X-Ray vision to help weed out the prospects, it’ll cost you $5.99.
  •  Boost: We can all use one every now and then. And for just $4.99, you can make sure your profile will be seen by as many people as possible.

The Lonely Journey Thus Far

I had less luck with Tryst than with Tinder, especially once I tweaked my age preferences to accommodate my more MILF-oriented ideology. If there any hot “older” women on Tryst (in my neck of the woods anyway), I haven’t seen them…yet.

And like so many dating apps and social media sites before it, the men have to do all of the initial leg work (Translation: It seems we always have to introduce ourselves first, post-match).

Still, Tryst proves to be an easy-to-use and addictive guilty pleasure. It’s yet another great way to pass the time in bed alone, except of course for watching “Family Guy” re-runs and, well, you know…

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