Nespresso VertuoLine: Got Me All Brewed & Bothered!

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This Bachelor is joining the ‘revolution,’ thanks to his new favorite coffee machine!

Forget cooking. If us guys really want to impress women in the kitchen, all we need to know is how to make a GREAT cup of coffee. That’s the power of a rich, creamy espresso—life’s caffeinated aphrodisiac.

And for the last few years, Nespresso has made it even easier for us, since, as I’ve already pointed out, they make the best—and most stylish—coffee hands down.

Cue The Coffee Revolution…

But now, the folks at Nespresso are at it again, with an ambitious new coffee machine, the VertuoLine, that not only takes the art of coffee-making to new technological heights (more on that below), but also has the honor of being THE MUST-HAVE kitchen item of 2014.

Two Types of Coffee, One Machine!

Versatility is the name of the game, and the VertuoLine ups the ante by making both espresso AND regular coffee. That’s right, with just the touch of a button, you can have your choice of freshly brewed coffee or the usual Nespresso espresso you know and love.

How does the machine know which coffee to make? Glad you asked. It’s able to recognize which capsule you’re using (which are bigger than the ones we’re used to; click here for details) with the help of a special barcode printed on the back of each, which Nespresso says also allows “for the perfect extraction of every Grand Cru.”

Best of all: No need to change the settings yourself!

And as coffee has manifested itself into a cult-like religion, with fanatics debating who makes the best cup of joe on the block, there’s no denying that the thick, rich “crema” (that’s the fancy word for foam) and bold taste that the VertuoLine produces is unparalleled.

Coffee and conversation go hand in hand, which is a good thing, since the Nespresso VertuoLine is a conversation piece in itself. Even without the pizzazz of their more contemporary-looking machines, it still commands attention.

The Word of the Day: Centrifusion™

The VertuoLine’s claim to fame is its new Centrifusion technology, which ensures you get every drop of flavor from each Nespresso capsule:

“Just insert a capsule and close the lever-when activated, the capsule spins at 7,000 rotations per minute, blending ground Coffee with hot water and producing the perfect crema to complement your favorite coffee or espresso.”

And this Centrifusion, FYI, is how you’re able to enjoy a regular brewed coffee with the same rich, thick foam (excuse me, crema) as its espresso counterpart.

The VertuoLine…At A Glance:

• Dimensions: 21,13 x 30,25 x 30,30cm (WxDxH)

• Weight: 4.9 kg

• Takes about 15-20 seconds to pre-heat.

• Automatic recognition of inserted capsule type. No need to change settings.

• Adjustable coffee volume settings.

• 14 capsule container capacity.

• An adjustable drip tray, to accommodate different-sized cups.

• Water tank holds 40oz.

• Nine-minute automatic shut-off

• Retail Value: $299 CDN.

The verdict?

The VertuoLine does to a kitchen what a Ferrari does to a garage. Get one. NOW.

Learn more about the Nespresso VertuoLine.

  • Yanks4Life

    Purple capsules are the best.

    • Bachelor Uncut

      Sex in a cup ;)

  • Jessica_Scharr

    Does it come in pink ;)

    • Bachelor Uncut

      Ok, that’s officially the girliest comment I’ve ever read!

  • Lightning Linda

    wow nice coffee machine I guess I will have to come and try it :)