The Joys of (Swiss) Sex

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If you live in Switzerland, you apparently have the best sex life. Do you know which other countries topped the list?

Why generations of immigrants continue to come to North America is beyond me, especially when it seems every other country is much better off–at least in the getting laid department (and isn’t that THE MOST important thing?)

At least that’s the story according to the folks at Alternet. They compiled a list of the most Most Sexually Satisfied Countries and Canada and the U.S. are nowhere to be found. Are we really just prudes in promiscuous clothing?

Here are the top five countries that are enjoying sexual satisfaction. Their economies may have seen better days, but at least they have plenty of orgasms to help them forget all that.

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Sex around the world

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  • Lightning Linda

    Great article Dario I agree with all because I’ve done them all lolll OOPS did i say that out loud :P