Jenny McCarthy: Ultimate Sex Therapist?

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When a guy’s sex life goes down the toilet, are women (mostly) to blame?

“If you get lazy, and you wonder why your man cheats on you, you need to do your homework.”

And just like that, millions of guys are let off the hook for being unhappy in the bedroom.

That quote, FYI, comes courtesy of none other than Jenny McCarthy, our FAVORITE MTV wild child (and host of a brand-new radio show on Sirius XM) who spent the better part of her professional life being the object of so many adolescent male fantasies, and who’s apparently quick to dish out free sex tips to anyone who’ll listen. God bless you, Jenny!

But while her sexy, often wild disposition is sometimes seen as a bit much (not by me, of course), Jenny deserves mucho respect for pointing out the obvious in such an ‘uncut’ manner:

That sex and sex appeal are THE most important thing in a man’s life, and if either of the two is non-existent, you may have given him carte blanche to look elsewhere.

Happy Groom = No Gloom?

In an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week, McCarthy touched on her engagement to NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg, and in her own great Jenny way, declared that she’s more than equipped to keep her man happy and interested—in her!

There’s no question that Jenny’s got balls for putting herself smack in the crosshairs of at least half the married women out there whose husbands have more than just a wandering eye.

But on behalf of Jenny (and myself, for writing this post), please don’t shoot the messenger!


Are Women Responsible for Men’s Indiscretions?

There is a scientific/biological belief that men are sexual beasts (quick, alert the media!) who are genetically coded to spread their seed (a.k.a. sprootz) throughout their adult lives to any willing female.

And if this is the case, it stands to reason, yet again, that marriage is unnatural (at least to a dude) since it forces the man into monogamy—something he isn’t ‘programmed’ for.

Translation: If you choose to marry the guy, you have a certain obligation to keep him satisfied, from your appearance to your sexual performance, or you’ll lose him.

So…is Jenny McCarthy onto something?

Five Tips to Keeping a man happy…À La McCarthy

In her usual, terrifically-candid sorta way, Jenny shared some simple tips with Stern on how to satisfy a partner. Nothing revolutionary, but titillating nonetheless—and well-worth reminding:

  • Learn how to Squirt and Deep-Throat
    Any man who says he’s not into either of these is probably lying—or dead. While each is very different in their own special way, they both take foreplay to exhilarating new heights.
  • Watch Tube Sites
    The web is filled with FREE porn these days (a.k.a. free tutorials), so start streaming ladies!
    Just don’t get blindsided by all of the freaky niche categories. Even learning how to moan, mastering the mouth-hand coordination, or knowing how to undress at the drop of a hat is half the battle!
  • Play Dress-Up
    The key word here is “dress-up,” since most guys aren’t looking for a full-blown script and props to act out with.So while a $200 getup from Victoria’s Secret is nice, a $20 latex nurse’s uniform (with accompanying clear heels) can really get the, ahem, job done.
  • Wake Him Up with a Nice Blowjob
    Before you even brush your teeth or turn on the espresso machine in the morning, this is one daily activity that’s guaranteed to start your day on the right side of the bed.
  • Remember, a Little Rope and Some Anal Go a Long Way.
    If I need to elaborate on this one, neither Jenny nor I can help you.

What’s your take? Do women have more responsibility to keep their sex lives hot?

Share your comments below.

  • Lightning Linda

    Loveee this article and boy ladies have i got the advice for you..In order to keep your man not only do you need to be his better half but you also need to be his whore in bed:)..That’s right ladies leave him sooo dehydrated that he thirst no one..I know life gets busy kids, work, chores and etc but never neglect your man..Great pointers bachelor and I agree. So ladies if you want a great partner in life you need to be naughty and nice :)