Big Fight, Huge Orgasm?

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There’s Nothing Like Getting Verbally Bitch-slapped just before getting blown!

You hear that? That’s the sound of a couple screaming at each other…hurling obscenities…maybe even throwing a few objects–and all just minutes before slamming the hell out of one another.

And you thought your relationship was fucked up?

Welcome to the different, less-talked-about side of romance, where a yelling match has replaced chocolate as the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Are we all sadists posing as romantics?

You know a relationship has entered new and strange territory when calling a woman a “CUNT!” is a sign that the man really cares.

But the truth is, there is a decent-sized sub-section of couples out there who get off on no-holds-barred fighting (especially those who seem to be doing it every five seconds).

And rather than head for splitsville, they actually seem to get closer with each passing day (cue the violins, and the head scratching).

THINK ABOUT IT: I’m sure you know at least one couple that’s always at each other’s throats—usually in public and very likely in front of an audience. You think they’re dysfunctional, yet they seem to have the world’s best sex life and you can’t figure out why.

Oh, and by the way, you’re secretly jealous of them!

Why So Angry?

What is it about arguments exactly that can make one’s libido skyrocket?

There are several theories out there, one of the most prevalent ones being that some women (especially the alpha-female types) get off on going toe-to-toe with their more macho partner. What they lack with their fists they make up for with their tongues.

Or, maybe it has something to do with that rush of adrenaline they get when you’re steaming mad, and rather than put a hole through a wall, they unleash their tension between the sheets.

Then there’s that less popular hypothesis that some dudes—or at least those with severe mommy issues—enjoy the emasculation that comes with being told off.

It’s like S&M without the accessories—and the bruising.

Whatever the reason, it seems that, while familiarity can breed contempt, friction can breed some really good orgasms.

Use Me, Abuse Me…Love Me?

At a BBQ last summer, I met a couple that took “fighting foreplay” to a whole new level. Everything that was said that afternoon, from political opinions to “Please pass the mustard” would set one of the two off.

I think my favorite part was watching her call him a dirt-bag piece of shit and storming off into the house.

And just like any other train wreck, the rest of us couldn’t take our eyes off them, watching in stunned and awkward silence.

But the most stunning part of all? Seeing them make out behind a bush an hour later with her hand buried deep inside his pants.

In fact, he’s known for bragging to his friends that his sex life has never been better.

So perhaps there’s something to this x-rated fighting theory. After all, I’m sure we’d all much rather see a couple yell “Cunt!” and “Prick!” to each other than watch them share an ice cream sundae while making baby talk.

Where do YOU stand on this kind of rough love?
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  • Gee Kalo

    I don’t know about how I’d feel about being called a cunt… But the occasional “you’re a bitch” is kinda hot… Lol ..

    • Bachelor Uncut

      With my luck, I’d say that and end up with a black eye lol

      • Gee Kalo

        lol …and for some reason.,.. I Highly doubt that…;)