When Did Chicks Stop Offering to Pay for Sh*t?

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That awkward moment when her wallet doesn’t come out of her purse.

You know that feeling when you’re seated in a nice restaurant on a quiet Monday night, gazing at the gorgeous girl in front of you by candlelight…a girl that you just spent the last two hours having a great conversation with…while sharing a nice bottle of wine…a girl you think is pretty special…

And then the check comes, and she just sits there with her arms folded, without even pretending to want to make a contribution!

And suddenly, faster than it takes you to sign the credit card receipt, her stock starts to plummet.

You had every intention of paying everything, of course, but her automatic assumption that you had the night covered is enough to make even the biggest balls shrivel up to the size of raisons.

And you know what? It’s happening more and more!

We’re Supposed to Pay, But…

Let me repeat: We’re fine with paying—especially on a first date (most of us would insist, actually), and while a little prima donna-ish behavior can be hot, having an aversion towards dishing out a little moolah is not!

The problem (read: TURNOFF) lies in the assumption that the guy is going to take care of it. It’s tacky, it’s rude, and unless the chick looks like Cindy Crawford circa 1992, it’s almost unforgivable.

This isn’t about playing games…it’s basic principles!

Maybe this is a by-product of this generation’s sense of entitlement, or maybe girls are choosing to be more guarded, financially-speaking, to avoid being too vulnerable. Or maybe they’re just getting ruder!

Whatever the reason, it’s a real f*ckin problem folks!

Another Catch-22

One of the classic female defenses to this debate is that If the guy expects the girl to pay her share, the he shouldn’t take her to an expensive place.”

The other is that “He’s the one who asked me out. Why should I pay?”

And both are interesting, yet flawed points.

Why? Because taking a girl to a place that serves $3 beers and nachos exposes one of those hidden truths about dating that no woman will admit to out loud: That if she’s not taken to a “nice” place for the first encounter, the guy’s a goner.

And as far as who asked whom out on the date, one should never get caught up in semantics at the expense of making a polite gesture.

Give Us ‘A Sign’

Remember ladies, no reputable male expects you to dish out any cash—at least not right away; we’re just looking for a diplomatic gesture that shows us you’re not a gold-digging user who’s going to flush a dude as soon as you’ve finished digesting your filet mignon.

Chivalry is a beautiful part of the courting process. But it’s still nice to know that the other person is at least willing to pick up some of the slack (or at least the tip!).

I bet those coffee dates don’t seem so bad now, do they?

  • JoJo

    Actually, I have neither one of those objections to offering to pay. What HAS happened (and not only once, but often), is that if I do offer to pay, the guy either gets REALLY mad because he says that he’s the man and women are cutting men’s balls off when we offer to pay; OR I’ve had a few make a comment about the “token” wallet reach – like it’s for show (turn off!!!). So, now, I judge by the attitude of the man I am with. When with an alpha man, I don’t stick out the wallet because he may get upset and it wouldn’t stop him from asking me out for a second date anyway, which is when I would ask for the cheque. A true gentleman either gets up to pay for the bill OR asks for the cheque to be brought directly to him. On a second or third date, then I usually get the bill without any qualms or concerns. Actually, if I don’t like the guy, then I will insist on paying so he doesn’t say that I just wanted a “free meal”. When I like the guy and know I’ll be seeing him again, then I know I will pick up the tab the next time around.

  • Lightning Linda

    nahhh a real man takes care of their women if they pay for hookers and porn hell they can afford us