Uncut Favorites, Take Two!

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A second helping of special products that make men’s lives that much sweeter.

Ready for more? Judging from the great response from my first list, it’s only logical that I give the other special goods in my life the respect they deserve.

Proving that this Bachelor is always ready to go a second round, here’s the next crop of Top Five products, from toiletries to travel, that every dude should swear by.

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  • Jessica_Scharr

    Is Red Bull and Hype the same owner?

    • Josh

      No, it’s 2 different companies. I represent Hype Energy Drinks, how may I assist you? I can be reached at: josh@hype.com

  • Yanks4Life

    I went to Simon’s a couple of years ago when i was in montreal. nice store.

  • Carmela

    Nice hotel…next time invite me xoxo