The Secret to Great Head? Ask a Celebrity.

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Nothing is more important to a man than great head. And by head I mean hair, of course.

Judging by the feedback from when I last touched on the subject, it would stand to reason that hair is indeed a hot and VERY sensitive issue.

But as some things bear repeating, let me stress, once again, that hair is EVERYTHING to a man. And not just when it comes to upping our chances of getting laid. It also has the power to make a guy a real power player in the boardroom as well as the bedroom.

It’s no wonder why hair is every man’s Achilles heel!

And no one understands the power of good head better than guys in the public eye, as their livelihoods depend on it. Many will go to great lengths to keep their most valuable asset camera-ready at ALL times.

It could even mean the difference between Oscar nominee and Oscar WINNER (did his long locks help Jared Leto’s chances of snagging a statue?)

Celebrity tricks of the trade

What do Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck and John Travolta have in common?

They all mastered the art of smoke and mirrors when it comes to looking follically equipped (though, without naming names, some do it better than others).

And while none of these guys have actually come out of the hair closet, it’s pretty clear that something’s up. (I’ve got my own theories on Mr. Affleck…keep reading.)

After all, the only thing sadder than a balding movie star is…hmm…ok, let me get back to you on that one…

The Secret to Great Head…Revealed!

Forget the hair plugs and toupees (as one aforementioned actor should), the secret Hollywood weapon to creating a naturally-looking full head of hair, like so many answers to life’s problems, comes in a bottle.

It’s called Toppik, hair-building fibers you basically shake onto your head to give you the look of thicker, fuller hair. According to the Toppik website, the stuff is “made of natural, colored Keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of.” Who knew?

In a matter of seconds, guys can turn back the hands of time in the most non-invasive way possible, and give themselves a really great head, which in turn will likely get them more head (see, it always comes back to blowjobs).

Judging by some of the before-and-after shots, one could say that Toppik is the Viagra of hair. Ironic, given that certain hair-loss medications are known to make guys erectically-challenged. But I digress.

It also begs the question: How many other people are in the Toppik closet?

Oscar-Winning Hair

Not surprising, celebrity hair stylists and makeup artists are all hip to the Toppik.

Last Sunday’s Oscar telecast was a veritable ad campaign for the product, starring male celebs who either use it, or those who need it—badly. If you still have it on your DVR, you may want to watch the show again, only this time paying closer attention to the actors’ heads. Could Bruce Dern and Robert DeNiro use a “Toppik miracle”? You be the judge.

Side Note: This could be the start of a new Oscars drinking game: Guess which dude is rockin’ the Toppik (rules to come).

Remember folks: All the world is a stage, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the perfect heads of hair you see on the big or small screen.

That’s the power of Toppik. And that’s the power of really great head.

Which actors do YOU think are wearing a “hairy” illusion on their heads? Share your thoughts below.

  • Secret_Admirer

    Does our favorite bachelor have a confession to make? ;)

    • Bachelor Uncut

      Things that make you go hmmm…..

  • Yanks4Life

    How does this stuff stay on?

  • Jessica_Scharr

    HAHA…title threw me off for a sec. Very clever…and very eye-opening.

    • Bachelor Uncut

      Thanks! Check back tomorrow. That article will be about straight-up head lol.

  • Anonymous

    I heard about this last year. Got my BF to stop taking the pills and use this instead. Works great.

    • Marcus

      How natural does it look? Can anyone tell????

  • ToppikAddict

    Toppik is a lifesaver

    • Bachelor Uncut

      How long have you been using it?

  • Lightning Linda

    wow when you said head you weren’t kidding you got me all worked up lollllll..Great article. I never really heard of toppik but the viagra i caught on lolll…All i know for sure is that this bachelor doesn’t need it :)

    • Bachelor Uncut

      Everyone needs a little nip and tuck ;)

  • Opus

    I noticed Ben Afleck’s hair changing. Something is different with his hair line.

  • Look Thick

    Undoubtedly, the instant hair fibers are becoming the secret to get thicker and fuller hair.