The PUR Truth

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There’s nothing better than discovering a great new vodka in your own backyard.

A great philosopher once said, “The only thing better than great sex is great vodka.”

Ok, so it wasn’t a philosopher, it was me at 3AM after downing one too many cocktails at a recent club opening.

But there is something to be said for the love and dedication that’s often expressed by diehard vodka lovers, even those like myself who can sometimes get a little jaded and forget to appreciate the really good ones.

And just when I thought I had seen it all—and tasted it all—along comes PUR Vodka, a local success story that can give Russia and Poland a serious run for their money.

Love at first taste

When several of my readers kept writing me to say I HAD to try PUR Vodka, I was almost skeptical. After all, in an already saturated market, it’s getting harder to tell which ones will leave you wanting more, and which will leave you drunk with remorse the next morning (and yes, I’m still talking about vodka).

The result, much to the delight of my fanatical taste buds, was an ultra-premium home run that’s everything a great vodka should be: Bold, Sophisticated and Smooth.

BEST OF ALL, it’s produced right here in my hometown province of Quebec, using a potent six-step process that mixes 100 percent Canadian corn and all-natural spring water from a glacial source in Northern Quebec which, as the folks at PUR so beautifully put it, “culminate together to form one of the best vodka experiences to date.” Amen.

And it also proves, yet again, that some of life’s greatest treasures come from Canada (including blogs!).

Created by mastermind entrepeneur Nicolas Duvernois (who, frankly, deserves the Nobel Prize for booze), PUR Vodka, which sells for approx. $40 here in Quebec, has been generating serious buzz over the past few years, and for good reason.

Its quality is unmatched north of the border, and demand has continued to surge in recent years. In a relative blink of an eye, PUR has managed to break out of its cult following and will soon find itself eclipsing some of the bigger fish in the vodka pond (you read it here first).

An Award-Winning Masterpiece

PUR has been showered with so many accolades it’s almost embarrassing, including double gold at the Vodka Masters competition. (Random Thought: Where is this competition held, and how the hell do I get to be a judge?)

Not only is it a must-drink spirit, but PUR Vodka is more proof that even Bachelors need soul mates.

And this pretty bottle may have just found its front man to share its life with.

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  • Yanks4Life

    $40?? Booze ain’t cheap in canada lol

  • EricM

    I TOLD YOU!!! Gotta listen to me more often dude.