The (Overly) Eager Beaver

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She’ll bake you cookies, clean your place, even wash your car. But is she still f*ckable?

He casually mentioned that he was thinking of changing the wall color in his living room, and the next thing he knew, she had shown up at his place with a paint roller and a big smile.

And even though he had every intention of getting in her pants, the sight of her offering up free labor, so soon after meeting her, seemed a little desperate, even by his standards.

He still slammed her, mind you; he just felt a little guilty about it after finishing on her back.

Women Who Aim To Please…A Little Too Much

There are at least a million stories out there about women who will do anything to impress a man. The only question is: Why?

Has the dating world become so competitive that tits and ass are no longer enough, or are some women simply more genetically prone than others to be extra giving?

Some would argue that it’s neither, and that what it really boils down to a severe case of insecurity run amok.

Polite…or Pathetic?

Hard to believe that there are women out there who think so little of their otherwise great personalities, and/or bodies, that they feel the need to add an extra thick layer of selfless generosity, hoping it will score them just enough bonus points to keep the guy coming back for seconds and thirds.

It’s been said that women who bend over backwards for a man they hardly know (for non-sexual purposes, anyway) are desperate and unstable, and likely have serious daddy issues.

But, forgetting for just a moment the irony that a woman who finally shows interest in you happens to come with a clingy need to please, it also presents another moral dilemma:

Is it wrong to accept these acts of kindness even if you’re not feeling her 100 percent?

And furthermore, would you want to fuck a girl more just cause she’s willing to give you, say, a paint job?

The Crystal Complex

Crystal was one of those girls that could pretty much get any guy she wanted. Whether it was her warm smile, or her warm blowjobs, no penis was unattainable.

But there was just one problem: Her generosity knew no bounds. So much so that in a span of six months, she had offered to co-sign one guy’s car, babysit another dude’s Great Dane for a week while he was on a business trip, and even helped another guy write his thesis (oh, and in all three cases, she of course offered maid service…free of charge).

And what did all three guys have in common? They all left her soon thereafter, causing poor Crystal to feel used and abused.

But, from the guy’s perspective, who’s really the victim here? If a man finds a woman who’s willing to do nice things for him, shouldn’t he be allowed to accept the favors, without feeling the pressure to give her something more in return?

Where’s the Line?

Truth be told, there’s probably a little Crystal in all of us…a desire to wear our hearts on our sleeve, and offer up kind gestures on a silver platter when Cupid comes knocking.

But when it comes to accepting friendly favors from someone we know is really into us, how much is too much? Should we feel ashamed for allowing this person to cook for us (or pick-up our dry-cleaning) if all we see them as is a fling?