The Gold Medal Douches

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The Top 5 Guys You Need to Avoid At All Costs

Olympic fever is in the air, and to mark the occasion, I’m awarding the top (dis)honors to the guys who, if douchebaggery was a sport, would take the top five slots hands-down.

Like any bad rash after a questionable slam session, it seems we just can’t get rid of them. So in support of all us “normal” bachelors who are guilty by association (i.e. having a penis), I’m begging the straight women and gay men out there to STAY AWAY!

FYI: Out of respect for the sportsmanship of the Winter Games, I’ve kept the gym-obsessed juice-heads off the list (I’ll cover them another time).

Those douches aside, here are the top five guys I wish would just go away…

He's a LOSER!

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  • Welland Rocks

    Love it!!!! Thanks for the warning!!!! Love your blog Bachhhh!!!!

  • Lightning Linda

    omgggggggggg i loveeeeeee this article and you NAILED it dario!!!!!