The Biggest, Meanest Lie Ever Told

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Guys will say anything to get laid, but nothing as cruel as this.

“You’re so beautiful.”

With those three little words, millions of single men everywhere have managed to exploit women’s most basic, insecure need (i.e. to feel desirable) in order to get everything from a hug to a handjob.

And it works like a charm…each and every time!

As pick-up lines go, there’s nothing particularly revolutionary (or original) about telling a girl she’s hot; if anything, it’s one of dating’s biggest clichés.

So why do dudes keep using it? Cause it’s essentially foolproof.

Because for all the time a woman spends sizing up her competition in a room, wondering if her breast and butt size are up to snuff, having a guy proclaim her to be the night’s hottest chick gives her ultimate validation, and makes her feel as though she’s got something that no other girl in a 50-foot radius has.

But sadly, the guy just wants to get in her pants.

Love is Blind, Especially if you have a penis

Where girls are constantly looking for that cosmic connection…a man with whom they can have a real emotional bond with, most guys are just looking to get off—even if it means making up a physical attraction.

Remember, a guy can pretend to have high standards all he wants, but in actuality, he can sleep with pretty much anyone to avoid going home with blue balls.

When you really stop to think about it, it’s amazing how much a guy’s perception can change when he’s horny. A girl who’s 50 pounds overweight, for example, can suddenly start to look “lean,” and a hideous, misplaced tattoo can quickly turn into something “artsy.”

So all a guy really has to do is convince the girl that the attraction he’s made up in his head is the real deal, and the rest sex will fall into place.

Cue the Lie…

And this is why it’s so easy to use the “Beautiful” line. Just like that, those three words can undo years of self-doubt the woman had, and instinctively give her confidence a much-needed boost.

And it’s also the lie that keeps on giving, cause even when he stops calling her, she’ll think it’s cause he’s a commitment-phobe without ever realizing that he was never attracted to her to begin with.

He gets laid, and she gets an ego boost. It’s win-win!

Will Women Ever Wise Up?

Not likely, since the phrase is so powerful, they can make a girl wet even if she suspects the guy’s lying. But fortunately, women have a lie of their own that they can use to turn men into mush–and some might argue is an even more effective weapon:

It’s the lie that has tons of guys convinced their penis is HUGE, and that they can use it better than every other man who’s ‘come’ before. And it’s also the lie that proves that guys’ egos are the most fragile of all.

I guess we can call it even then.

  • Lightning Linda

    Damm right we are even..Personally myself beautiful does not work for me but, I love using that famous line you have a huge cock brings them back for more and gets them every time hahahhaaa I love it. Great article Dario :)