Ivanabitch & BachelorUNCUT: Kindred Spirits!

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Spread the word folks: There’s a new ‘bitch’ on the block, and it tastes good!

Anyone who thinks there’s nothing better than sex has never known the joys of discovering a great new vodka (though I am biased, since the stuff pretty much flows through my veins at this point).

And as someone who worships at the altar of whoever invented it, I’m as picky with vodka as…well, you know…

So imagine my surprise when the folks at Ivanabitch came a knockin’ with an offer I couldn’t refuse: Become one of the lucky few Canadians to try a vodka that’s already made a big splash in the U.S., and whose name is so infectious, you can’t get it out of your head (and that’s half the battle!).

Ivanabitch Vodka-group shot-bw

The Verdict is IN…

Turns out the Netherlands-produced Ivanabitch (40% alc./vol., 80 proof for the plain version) is a triple-distilled delight. My back-to-back vodka-7s all went down smooth, and—best of all—left no trace of a headache the next day–the true litmus test that any bachelor socialite lives by.

Seems that Ivanabitch and BachelorUNCUT have A LOT in common: Two bold, edgy, unapologetic brands that don’t hold back. You’d think we were separated at birth!

Ivanabitch bills itself as “Vodka With Attitude.” And why shouldn’t they?

Best of all…

Unlike some of the other high-priced designer vodka labels that make big, bold promises but end up giving drinkers rubbing-alcohol-induced gag reflexes (like one fashion designer’s product which shall remain nameless), Ivanabitchat under $20 USD—gives great bang for the buck (no pun intended).

So many choices, so little time.

Ivanabitch has mastered the art of flavored vodkas, the ever-growing niche that has people downing everything from peach to pear-based infusions.

Truth be told, I never liked my vodka to taste of anything other than vodka. But I couldn’t help but be seduced into giving my taste buds a sample of their “Whipped Cream” edition (for obvious reasons).

And I don’t mind saying it was enjoyable, even if it does tarnish whatever macho vibe I had going for me.

A Tobacco-Flavored Miracle?

Those of us who long for the days when smoking a nice Cuban cigar in a bar was not only acceptable but also cool may be in luck: Ivanabitch also boasts the world’s first tobacco-flavored vodka (including traditional and menthol-flavored).

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka

While that’s next on my bucket list, my U.S. bar-hopping spies tell me it’s pretty good. But I’ll be the judge of that…stay tuned!

In the meantime, Ivanabitch needs to get its passport ready and make its grand Canadian arrival. This Bachelor will be waiting with his arms–and mouth–wide open.

Click here for more information on Ivanabitch. Oh, and please drink responsibly.

My friend and I had NO issues polishing this bottle off!

My friend and I had NO issues polishing this bottle off!

  • JeffreyM80

    None at the LCBO? when r they coming to canada?

    • http://bacheloruncut.com/ Bachelor Uncut

      Start a petition Jeff ;)

    • jason

      their website says available in 30 states only

  • Jessica_Scharr

    Is that a diss at Puff Daddy’s vodka ;)?

    • http://bacheloruncut.com/ Bachelor Uncut

      [cue loud buzzer] Guess again! ;)

  • Lightning Linda

    wow great article HELL ILL TRY BOTH :)

    • http://bacheloruncut.com/ Bachelor Uncut

      Try them all ;)

  • jason

    Vodka should taste like vodka

  • Yanks4Life

    I’m in Queens, haven’t seen this.