I’m in Love with John Hardy

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It takes a special man (or rather, a special jewelry collection) to make guys look good.

If someone had told me when I launched this site that I’d be ranting and raving about a man I’d never met before, I would think he or she had had one-too-many vodkas with me the previous night.

Until I realized that the man in question, John Hardy, is not just a renowned jeweler (and fellow Canadian), but a brand name that’s carved quite a niche for itself as a luxury handmade jewelry maker—boasting impressive pieces that are edgy, bold, and in-your-face…the Holy Trinity of accessories.

From necklaces to rings, and from bracelets to bangles, John Hardy represents everything that today’s fashion-conscious consumer should be: current, uninhibited and versatile (and unafraid of a little leather!).

Real Men Wear Jewelry

Gone are the days when women had all the fun in the jewelry department.

A quick peak at John Hardy’s Fall 2014 collection provides a veritable orgy for the eyes, thanks to the likes of their sleek dog tag necklace and show-stopping braided black leather bracelet (both part of the DAYAK Collection).

And just like a babe or a Bentley, these accents can help any man command attention.

Sex on a Wrist

Every man loves to show off a beautiful piece on his arm, especially when the piece in question is a large Station Bracelet with Black Volcanic and Black Sapphire Lava (all in Sterling Silver), pictured below.

If you’re not a “watch man” like me, then you’ll appreciate how a relatively simple bracelet can turn heads and make you look like a major player—whether you’re in a boardroom or, better yet, in a bar.

John Hardy bracelet

Every bachelor needs a little John Hardy in his life!

From Bali, With Love

John Hardy, the company’s founder may be of Canuck origins, but his now-infamous jewelry actually has its roots in Indonesia, where he came across the unique jewelry-making techniques of the native people.

He has since infused the Balinese methods into his own creations since starting his business in 1975.

And in the age of political correctness and environmental consciousness, you’ll be happy to know that the John Hardy company prides itself on “sustainable luxury,” reducing its carbon emissions by planting bamboo, and using 100% recycled silver.

Go Hardy, or Go Home

Fads come and go, but anything from the John Hardy portfolio is a timeless (and wise) investment. And though I’m biased, it’s especially nice to see that the fellas (finally!) have a good reason to put black leather on their wrists.

When you get right down to it, John Hardy is living proof that even bachelors need a special ring every now and then.

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    well i need to get that special man in my life one :)