BachelorUNCUT’s First Year: Five Key Learnings

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It’s amazing what you can learn about people when you blog about sex (and the occasional fingering).

What a crazy, controversial and x-rated 12 months it’s been for BachelorUNCUT, the site that dares to go where no other single-centric dating blog has gone before!

And throughout the highs and lows of trying to tell it like it is, some interesting discoveries were made about what gets people  riled up…and what gets them off.

Here are five key takeaways (either from humans in general, or just those who read these articles) from BachelorUNCUT’s unforgettable first year on this Earth.

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  • Jessica_Scharr

    Happy Anniversary Mr. Bachelor ;)

  • Lightning Linda

    What a great year it was and the articles were straight to the point with no bullshit. It was surprising to me to see how many hot and horny people we have and I laughed at the ones who were boring and totally anal when it came to sex…Cant wait to see what another year will bring GREAT WORK DARIO and happy anniversary!!!!

  • Gee Kalo

    I remember stumbling on one of your articles…since that first time… Bachelor uncut is my guilty pleasure… Happy Anniversary … I hope there will be many many more to come!